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Cathedrals and Alleyways Did you know that U2’s second album October was actually sold in “Bible bookstores”? (I read that Evanescence’s second full-length album Fallen was actually intentionally distributed in the Christian market, too, until the band went and made a scene. Where have I been? That’s okay, I don’t like Evanescence anyway. Your sound and your music have to happen because it’s what’s inside you, not because it’s what’s trendy, marketable, and profitable. Not that I let the CD racks at the Christian bookstore dictate what I listen to…)

In a (11/14) New York Times interview before the new album’s release, Bono said:

There’s cathedrals and the alleyway in our music. I think the alleyway is usually on the way to the cathedral, where you can hear your own footsteps and you’re slightly nervous and looking over your shoulder and wondering if there’s somebody following you. And then you get there and you realize there was somebody following you: It’s God.

If you ever get bored, you might try doing a search for U2 on It’s a lot of fun. You’ll find more than 200 hits, and right at the top is their review of How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb. There’s Jesus all over that record.


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