Random Rants

"The Test of Loyalty"

Someone has suggested that I should expect someone to look through my stuff if I set it down in a bookstore. I disagree. If it were for sale, my Bible would be in a little Bible box like all the others. My notebook wouldn’t be the only notebook in the store, they wouldn’t both have my name on the first page, and they would both have price tags on them. Furthermore, would you not realize, once you see writing in it, that it’s not a blank journal for sale? And if you thought it was for sale, why would you start writing in it yourself? And it’s not that I’m being ungracious. I’m just taking the opportunity to rant and to vent. I’m being honest, which is often a rare quality in the church today. If you know me, you would know that I don’t actually intend harm to these people.

If God engineers our circumstances, then we have no right to be frustrated!

To be faithful in every circumstance means that we have only one loyalty, and that is to our Lord….If we learn to worship God in the trying circumstances, He will alter them in two seconds when He chooses. (Oswald Chambers, My Utmost for His Highest, Dec. 18)

There is no such thing as coincidence. Everything happens for a reason, and I cannot change what happened. Maybe this guy was an angel and he had a message from the Lord for me. I don’t know. But all that I have, all that I am, is the Lord’s. He can do to me what He wills.


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