Modding a Dell

People say it’s not possible to mod a Dell… This is proof otherwise.

Still, please remind me not to get a Dell next time!

I got some electrical tape from Radio Shack and jerry-rigged the front panel power switch and LEDs. The metal box hanging loose in the bottom of the case is the front USB panel. There are too many wires to splice, and the computer complains if it’s not plugged in. I’ll just use the rear USB ports until I can get a new motherboard.

Pretty, isn’t it?


2 thoughts on “Modding a Dell

  1. adam says:

    id like to see your pin out connector so tha i could replicate/fabricate one of my own nice job on the case and other mods ive seen so far

  2. Hi Adam,

    I took the existing harness from the Dell motherboard and cut the wires, and exposed the ends, and used electrical tape to plug the ends into the appropriate places in the case's connectors. You'd have to consult Dell's documentation as well as your case's to figure out which wire goes where. But I have since replaced my motherboard entirely so that I wouldn't have to deal with the harness, as the electrical tape kept coming unplugged.


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