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My blog gets a new look

Life is a journey.

The English words journal and journal are borrowed from Middle French, and share the same root, jour, meaning day. Life is a journey, and journals, whether they be travel journals or journals written at home, convey that attitude. A.W. Tozer in The Pursuit of God does a good job of illustrating the spiritual walk as a lifelong journey, growth in personal intimacy with God, a trip of the kind where you never reach the end, because there is always further to go.

So that’s why I’ve converted the blog from the “i once had dreads…” theme (about the past) to the road theme, which is about a continued journey into the future. The poem is from Tolkien. The original banner picture was taken at Deer Creek Falls on Hwy. 32, but I plan to change it up every once in a while with new pictures of new roads.


One thought on “My blog gets a new look

  1. Chasyrdrmz says:

    “The road opens up, in front of my eyes, the only limitation, is in my mind…” – “The Road” The Alarm
    I love the transition from the old to the new, Aaron! As Bono said, “off with the horns and on with the show…!”

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