Random Rants

John & Jen Brookman

A couple weeks ago my friend J.B. was diagnosed with cancer. Prior to his diagnosis, someone from church had a ‘word’ for him that he was supposed to start journaling, but that this journal wasn’t for himself, but it was to bless other people and help them through their issues. So he started blogging. His blog truly is a blessing, as he gets on there every day and updates everybody on what God’s teaching him as he goes through the motions with hospital visits, exams, CT scans, etc.

This guy is a true bro, sent by God as a ‘son of encouragement’, just like Barnabas. If it wasn’t for certain truths that God used him to speak to me, I think I’d be in a totally different place today. A couple weeks ago I posted a prayer request on my blog, but now I want to put the anonymous request together with the real man, and his wife, so you can not only have faces to go with the prayers, but now you can find regular updates to keep your prayers current.


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