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Road trip…

Last night Josh & I went on a bike ride for what must have been 17 or 18 miles, at least. We rode from Bear Hole up to the end of the dirt road in Upper Park and then kept going. We crossed the creek with our bikes on our shoulders in rushing water that was 4 feet deep. Then we kept riding upstream, all the way through the Chico State wildlife preserve and through a whole hunting zone. On our way back to Bear Hole we tried to stay on South Rim, but it didn’t work because the road curved and started going the opposite way of where we wanted to go. It was getting dark so we decided we’d explore that way another time, and we went back the way we came.

Needless to say, I’m sore, and tired, but it was a great time…

I’m heading off this very instant for Brian & Hollie’s house in Malibu. They’re having an open house this weekend and getting a bunch of the old crew together from the old days. Party all evening tomorrow, and worship on Sunday morning at their house. If anybody needs directions, call my cell. I’ll be coming back home on Monday. 🙂


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