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Malibu trip

Malibu - May 2005 001

Hollie’s art studio. We had an acoustic jam session up there on the porch on Saturday night.

Malibu - May 2005 003

I got to hang with Gabe & Shannon (Nina, too) at the Calabasas Starbucks, and then we went to John’s Garden. You can probably tell his camera’s a lot better than mine! 🙂

Malibu - May 2005 005

Malibu - May 2005 006

Brian & Hollie Tieleman. Great friends I’ve known for 10 years!

Malibu - May 2005 007

These are Mike & Denise Radka. Their wedding in Oxnard last September was a divinely-orchestrated reunion. I still have the thank-you letters they wrote me for playing at it–awesome words of encouragement!

Malibu - May 2005 009

Brian & Stuckey (Chris) by the fence. Thanks so much for bringing the pipes!

Malibu - May 2005 011

Brian & Leslie Moon. They went to Scotland with me (so did Stuckey, and Mike & Denise), and I think Leslie was even on the Highlands team for Prayerstorm. Davy, Joy, and Dougie, who were also there, have also been to Scotland with me, though I somehow failed to get pictures of them this weekend… If anyone else did, please e-mail them to me!

Malibu - May 2005 013

Dang! My throat hurts! Must be all that smog I inhaled on the freeway the day before…

Malibu - May 2005 014

I love Erik & Linda! We had a really good chat, mostly about how important friendship is to a relationship (duh!!!). But they have a better digital camera, so I need to get them to e-mail me the one I took with their camera.

Malibu - May 2005 017

Beautiful sunset over the Sheen-Richards residence.

Malibu - May 2005 020

Sometimes I get to sleep on that bed on the porch.

Malibu - May 2005 023

The garden by the fire pit.


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