The Current Sub-Saharan Famine

If you missed ABC News’ Nightline on Monday night, go to their website and watch it right now. Currently the story is located in the right column, the third one down, called “Facing Famine.” If you aren’t subscribed to RealNetworks’ superpass (I’m not), or don’t have AOL (I don’t), but have SBC Yahoo! DSL (I do), you can sign in to http://dsl.sbc.yahoo.com and click on “Video” on the upper right side of your page. Once the video panel pops up, look under “News” for “ABC News Nightline” and the “Facing Famine” episode should be right there.

If you are unable to view it, then Google for recent news headlines about it so you can learn about what’s going on over there.

There is also a British story on Channel Four about the famine and the Western response (or lack of it).

Then, once you’ve sufficiently disturbed yourself with the images of starving children, please do what you can to help. If you donate to Worldvision (who already have people in place in Niger helping out), just $20 U.S. will be turned into $140 worth of food which can be distributed to those who need it most.


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