job sitch

I got hired today at Travidia. I’m not working in the run-off-press pits, which is where, I found out last night, a bunch of people I know are now working. The supervisor decided to place me in Special Sections, a day shift in the airport office, so I can be closer to the designers, programmers and developers and get my foot in the door with them. He also had the receptionist make sure and forward my letters and résumé to the human resources director so she can consider me for a developer position. The coolest thing about this company is that it uses ASP.NET and SQL Server for all of its data entry and website stuff, so even if I’m not working in those areas, I told them during the interview, it’s still like I’m part of the same clan because I’ve been working with that technology for 7 years. Cool, huh? It’s an entry-level position, but supposedly it’s a great company to work for because they elevate you quickly. Plus, if they decide to hire me as a developer, then I’ll be making even more, right away. At least it’s something to have while I look for something better.


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