Random Rants

Bonus Baseball in San Francisco

The SledgehammerI don’t know if any of you know this, but I’m a Padres fan. Born and bred in sunny San Diego, California, I grew up listening to games on the radio, watching them on TV, and even going to games with my family. I even have some souvenirs! The bat that I usually keep by my front door as my sole theft deterrent was picked up as a home-game give-away way back in the early ’80s, back when they wore brown and gold. Anyways, here in Vegas, Cox Cable, as a proud sponsor of the Friars, carries live game coverage for virtually every Padres game, unless it’s a national network blackout or a midweek day game. So after living in towns where local coverage was always given to the Dodgers and the Giants, I now finally get to play catch-up and watch the Padres play all the time!

It was a tough series against the Giants this weekend. They lost 3 in a row, and last night’s loss resulted in them losing first place in the National League West, while the Giants Bogarted that title, for one day, anyway. But this afternoon’s game was one to remember. One of those edge-of-the seat nailbiters! It took 12 innings, but they finally earned the victory, and moved back into the lead that they had successfully held on to all month until Saturday’s loss. I’m so proud! Here’s the article from padres.com.


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