The good news… part 2

Tomorrow at 2 PM I have a telephone interview for a job at Auctiva, a company in Chico, where my pal Sean Brown works. I’m excited about this, for a couple reasons. First, there’s the fact that I’d get to move back to Chico!!! Also, I don’t want to be stuck somewhere where people are just in “getting by” mode, using servers that are 8 years old and ineffecient linear code with archaic poorly-designed HTML output. I don’t want to stagnate. I want to grow and move forward. I want to be on the cutting edge of web programming technology.

At Auctiva, I’d need to make an adjustment to switch from VB to C#, but this is something I want to do. From what I’ve read, C# is the way to go, because of how closely-entwined it has been with the development of the .NET Framework. I don’t have much C# experience, but I hope they’ll take into consideration the fact that all the namespaces in the .NET class library behave the same way no matter what language you’re using. I’m a really quick study, too. One of my first big projects where I work now was a huge Ajax interface for our company’s Intranet site, and I had to learn a lot of JavaScript techniques and Ajax concepts in order to put that in place.


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