I recently applied for a job at Auctiva, a dot-com in Chico, and today they made me an offer! I feel really good about this. There’s a huge amount of peace. And I am thankful for the Lord’s providence in this. He brought me to the place where I was ready to move back even if the only job I could get was just another mcjob making $8/hr. And then he drops this in my lap! I am excited for the opportunity to grow, to be a part of a department that will stretch me and grow me, where they even have other programmers who might actually be better than me! Also, I am excited about the fact that the company is product-driven rather than sales-driven. I’ll be a part of building something of value, something that’s worthwhile (rather than just providing a program to support salespeople at a company where they don’t even follow up to make sure the customers are getting the things they pay for). I’m also really excited about seeing all of my friends and being back in their lives on a regular basis! It’s going to be so good to see you all!


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