Book Reviews

Foundations of Grace

Friends have been telling me about Steven J. Lawson’s book Foundations of Grace for a very long time, and I finally got it, although I must admit I’m still in John MacArthur’s (wonderful) introduction. Foundations of Grace is Volume 1 of a planned 5-volume set, and the first one covers the period of time coinciding with the lives of the men whose stories are told in the Old and New Testaments.

Steven J. Lawson also has mp3s of his sermons on his website. This mp3 series goes along with the subjects of his book series, one of the purposes of which is to show that the Doctrines of Grace have been the orthodox theological understanding throughout the history of God’s covenant people.

(Note: I had intended to provide a link to these mp3s sooner, but their site was down for several days.)


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