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Butte County Lightning Fires Update

I know Chico is a small community and I’m grossly limiting my readership by focusing on what’s going on here in the North Valley, but this is a pretty huge deal. These fires are the state’s #1 priority right now. Probably there are people all over the world who have never heard of this town who are finding out about Butte County because of news reports on these fires.

So there’s some hillbilly holed up in Concow who’s shooting at any firefighters or police who come near his property. Firefighters can’t use their bulldozers to clear brush because this guy’s shooting at them. Crazy loon. Some rednecks just need to go to jail.

P.S. Stay inside. This means you, too, my lovely pregnant wife! I know our nieces are rowdy, but I don’t want everybody getting respiratory illnesses!


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