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Switchfoot on Prince Caspian

So, I didn’t even know they wrote a song for the movie. We left as soon as the credits began because, having just finished the book the night before, we were not impressed at all with the filmmakers’ idea of “poetic license.”

I read an article online that pretty well summed up what was wrong with the movie. I think it was on World Magazine, which requires a paid subscription in order to view the articles online, so I wouldn’t be able to link to it anyway (my Dad linked it to me, which is why I was able to view the article “for a limited time”). The article mentioned that Aslan was misrepresented (and therefore, so was the Gospel) in that he roared at Trumpkin rather than playing with him.

But the biggest issue I had with the movie was the “preventative measures” taking by the Narnians, who chose to attack Miraz’s castle unprovoked, even going to the length of attempted murder, which is in stark contrast to the more Davidic behavior of Prince Caspian and the Pevensies in the book. I bring up King David because when he never attacked King Saul, and even when his son Absolom rose up against him, he sounded a retreat rather than risk shedding royal blood.

C. S. Lewis was a theologian more than he was a novelist. He wrote what he wrote for a reason. I wish they wouldn’t have messed with the story.


5 thoughts on “Switchfoot on Prince Caspian

  1. Rhett says:

    Clearly, you know absolutely nothing about C.S. Lewis or who he was. I would recommend you actually *read* instead of using your assumption, really just lying to the general public. Or maybe you prefer lying, I don’t know.

  2. “Absolutely nothing?” Are you serious? How about I’ve been reading his works consistently for 25 years. How many of his works have YOU read? What are your outlandish claims based on? You don’t even know me.

  3. i actually liked the movie better than the book because i always thought that was the most boring of all of the narnia books. the worst part was when they made susan and price caspian have some weird little love connection though, i almost barfed during that part.This is Gina by the way (lauries daughter… in case you forgot)

  4. What’s up dude? 🙂 Your girlfriend is cute. Price Caspian was a crappy movie. It was so bad I fell asleep in it. On C.S. Lewis, I think he was a bit strange in that although he was a Christian, he wrote about things involving witchcraft, half human, fantasy type things that supposedly followed a Biblical allegory. However, that is about as Christian as me writing about Martians 🙂Shoot me a message sometime and let me know how you are doing.Cheers,Brent

  5. @Brent She’s much more than my girlfriend. She is my wife and the love of my life and the mother of my child.Regarding Lewis, if you actually read his works you would understand that when he writes about “witchcraft”, as you say he does, he’s not really writing about “witchcraft”. It is allegory. In the same way, if you read Tolkien, who was also a Christian author and a friend of Lewis, you would know that Gandalf is not really a wizard, but an angel. Lewis and Tolkien cannot be compared to Rowling just because they have witches and wizards.Furthermore, the Narnia series comprises only a small portion of Lewis’ writings. I would encourage you to read more of his works. He’s not just a children’s author, but one of the greatest theological minds of the 20th century.

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