First Mommy, Mommy First

Al Mohler posted a great article the other day about how feminists are all bent out of shape by Michelle Obama’s plans to devote her attention to raising her children while they are living in the White House.  She has said she will be, first and foremost, the wife of her husband and the mother of her children.  Feminists don’t like this kind of talk.  As Dr. Mohler says,

Many of us have had, now have, and will almost surely in the future have significant disagreements with Michelle Obama over issues of public policy and our basic vision for the nation. Nevertheless, with respect to her elevation of motherhood and the priority of children as an honored choice, she deserves our appreciation and support — and our prayers.

A democratic first lady as a role model for millions of women, and she’s not trying to make a name for herself the way Hilary Clinton tried.  Imagine that.


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