Challies and Monetization

Tim Challies’s recent blog post about advertising is enough to make me want to unsubscribe from his RSS feed.

He basically accuses people who record TV shows in order to skip the commercials, as well as those who use Firefox’s great Adblock add-on when browsing the web, of stealing from the content providers. Really? Come on. He says it’s an ethical issue. But if he wants to talk ethics, what about Psalm 101:3a (ESV), which says, “I will not set before my eyes anything that is worthless,” and the countless other passages in which we are told to be on guard about what we look at.

If a business fails because people refuse to set their worthless adverts before their eyes, then they need to change their business plan.  And when it comes to blogs, people who are in it for the money aren’t the ones whose blogs are worth reading.  Especially “Christian” blogs.  “Den of thieves…”

Plug: Adblock is really good for blocking the inappropriate ads which are prevalent on sites like MySpace. I’ve recommended it before.


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