The Tinkerer’s Gracious Wife

I’m now on my third iPhone, having gone with my family to Best Buy late last night to upgrade to a new 16-Gig 3G.

The home button on my Edge iPhone had become sporadically responsive, often requiring a great deal of pressure and causing pain to my knuckles, unless I used a key or a pen, which also created deep scratches in the button. Since it was a replacement phone it did not come with a full-length warranty, so I was on my own. I ordered a new button on eBay and last night set about disassembling my iPhone in an attempt to replace it.


After many hours, I had broken it even worse than it was before, accidentally tearing the ribbon cable connecting the button assembly to the motherboard. And I spent a long time trying to reassemble the thing because it’s much harder to place tiny screws in their holes and screw them in than it is to unscrew them and remove them.

The reason I wanted to blog about this, however, was to celebrate the love my gracious gorgeous wife bestowed on my be letting me tinker with my old phone for the better part of the evening. It takes a gracious and patient woman to put up with a tinkerer, and though she could have said, “I don’t think it’s a good idea” before I began, or, “I told you so” when it was over, she did not. She deliberately let things play out as they did for no other reason than the enjoyment she
believed it would bring me!

My wife is rad!!!

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