Reformed Theology

Sam Waldron on Adopting the 1689 LBC

A few years ago, Sam Waldron, author of 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith: A Modern Exposition, wrote an article in defense of local churches affirming the 1689 LBC. He wrote this in response to an article Shawn Wright posted on IX Marks, in which Wright insisted that it would be inapproprate for modern local congregations to use it as a statement of faith.

Sam Waldron’s article is located here. He provides a number of good responses to Wright’s objections and provides experiential testimony of the ways in which Reformed Baptist churches typically hold to the confession today, including how they make exceptions, how they come to it with a “gracious, redemptive flexibility”, etc. One of the things I liked most about it was the footnote where he quoted the portion from his own church’s constitution regarding the 1689 LBC, because it both regards the excellence of the historical document, and also points back to Scripture as the supreme authority.

Please pray for our small fellowship, which is currently praying about adopting the 1689 London Baptist Confession. I have found both Wright’s and Waldron’s articles very helpful during this process, and I hope that others will as well.


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