Reformed Theology

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Rob Bell’s “Feminine Images” for God – The Counil on Biblical Manhood & Womanhood website has an article criticizing Rob Bell’s mishandling of the original languages. Bell says because the Hebrew word for “compassion” has the same root as “womb”, therefore anywhere compassion is used, it implies femininity. What? HT: JT

Every Self-Respecting Calvinist Should Be What? – I’ve been Googling blog reactions to John MacArthur’s Dispensationalism speech at the Shepherd’s Conference a few years ago. Here’s an interesting perspective from someone who got a great deal out of MacArthur’s writings in his college years, but has now come to the point where if he uses thew word “Calvinist” as applied to “MacArthur”, he has to use a lower-case “c” so as not to dishonor John Calvin.

Federally Backed Security – Ligonier article on the Perseverance of the Saints from May’s issue of Tabletalk.


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