iPhone 3.0

So-o-o looking forward to the update tomorrow.

Here’s Apple’s description of the new features, and a more in-depth review on ReadWriteWeb.

Some of the highlights I’m looking forward to:

  • Slow-speed scrubbing is going to be great for listening to lengthy theology podcasts; when I miss something or want to transcribe a section, I can waste a lot of time skipping back much further than necessary.
  • I’m also looking forward to SDK features like Push Notifications, which I hope will allow me to stay logged into Skype and Yahoo! Messenger even when I don’t have the apps open.
  • Another think I’m excited about is the first-party voice recorder, which will stay on even if you go read a note or e-mail or web page. I’m just hoping it will let you download your recordings to your computer (this would be a great tool for songwriters and podcasters!).
  • I also think the Copy & Paste features (and the ability to do so with images and not just text) will greatly facilitate mobile blogging. Now they just need to come out with a good blogging app…

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