The Art of Singletasking

Remember The Milk (RTM) is a productivity tool or task list to help in getting things done (GTD). Unfortunately, you have to pay $25/year in order to access it on your iPhone. One of the benefits it has is the ability to share tasks. For example, if my wife neede me to stop at the store on the way home, she could edit a shopping list and send it to me.

But now with the copy & paste features in the new iPhone OS, any old thing can be used to keep track of a shopping list. (I usually just scroll way up on our text message history to see what I’m supposed to pick up. Now I can copy each thing to a note.)

While I was researching “GTD” apps, I came across an article that said maybe multitasking isn’t the way to go. Apparently “singletasking” is the next big thing in productivity, and the blog mentioned a site called Now Do This (www.nowdothis.com), which I think is brilliant in its simplicity. The site was created by the founder of Vimeo.

The irony of all this–and my wife can testify to this–is that I discovered this app while dinking around on my iPhone while watching TV with my wife. I wasn’t able to follow the show. So… singletasking is a discipline I still need to work on. This web app should help me with that!

(Note: There’s an app in Apple’s App Store called Now Do This, but it was uploaded by an unknown company, which leads me to suspect it’s a knockoff. Besides, with the web app, I’m not limited to my iPhone, because I can use it on a plain old computer as well!)

P.S. During my research I also discovered VW is coming out with a GTD in 2010. Hot.

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