Reformed Theology

R.C. Sproul on Vocation

Here are a couple of quotes from God’s Will and Your Job (pt. 2), posted on the Ligonier blog (reprinted from a book that does not appear to be available).

We must remember that God is the perfect Manager. He is efficient in his selection, calling people according to the gifts and talents that he has given them. Satan’s strategy is to manipulate Christians into positions for which they have no ability or skill to perform well. Satan himself is very efficient in directing Christians to inefficiency and ineffectiveness.


Often people apply for positions for which they have no skill. This is particularly and sadly true within the church and related Christian service. Some hunger and thirst to be in full-time Christian service, but lack the ability and the gifts required for the particular job. For example, they may have the academic training and credentials for the pastorate but lack the managerial skills or the people skills to help make them effective pastors.

HT: Tim Challies (who posts R.C.’s previously-published works on


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