Reformed Theology

I am thoroughly enjoying the Todd Wilken interviews with Dr. Kim Riddlebarger on the Lutheran Public Radio program, “Issues, etc.” (based in Illinois). Download the audio here.

Two comments: 1) I had no idea about the lack of security Dispensationalists have, despite their “get-out-of-hell-free-card”, “ticket-to-heaven”, “once saved always saved” mantras. Mr. Wilken provides some really good “how do they sleep at night” commentary about this at the end of the first episode. 2) The program is produced by Lutherans who love the Bible and preach Christ and him crucified. Who knew? (I’m sort of on a Protestant-ecumenical binge at the moment. Ever since I left the Calvary Chapel circuit, I’ve been amazed at the multitudes of born-again Christians there actually are!)


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