covenant theology

Christianity and Popular Culture

This episode of The White Horse Inn from September 20 is a must-listen: Christianity and Popular Culture (it’s actually a rebroadcast from 12 years ago). Michael Horton and his guest Ken Myers offer a poignant and precise critique of the “Christian” industry ghetto, with its second-rate rock stars and cheesy praise choruses that bear more resemblance to commercial jingles than to legitimate art. It’s followed up by panel commentary that includes Kim Riddlebarger pointing out that those evangelicals who reject covenant theology tend to be the same ones who embrace the fads and shallowness of the “Christian” ghetto. Don’t miss this one. All pastors and worship leaders and elders should listen to this, as well as their wives, and anyone who goes to church or has ever been to church and who feels like there’s something “off” about those Christian radio stations, bumper stickers, bookstores, etc.


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