Christian at the head of the NIH

Al Mohler recently posted an article called, What Do You Really Believe About Human Dignity, Dr. Collins?

I was optimistic at the beginning of the article, but saddened as I continued. Invitro fertilization is unjustifiable if it results in viable embryos that will never be implanted–people who have such a “desire… [of] strong moral good” should just get over their selfishness and adopt. If there are existing embryos in stasis–nothing should be done with them except to leave them in stasis until medical technology (or would-be mothers) comes to the point where they can be brought to term. Otherwise they should be left in stasis. But they are human beings created in the image of God who have a right to live… They should not be destroyed in the name of research just because nothing else is being done with them.

Update: I should mention that there are a lot of other things I like about Dr. Francis Collins, including his work on the Human Genome Project and his efforts to highlight the compatibility of science and faith. In fact, I’m a bigger fan of Dr. Collins than of Dr. Mohler.


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