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The Devil Who Made Them Do It…

I’ve seen many episodes of Law & Order in which persons in authority or otherwise powerful positions such as authors, preachers, TV & radio personalities, etc., were considered just as responsible as the actual perpetrators who did what they told them to.

My wife found a blog in which a woman was commenting on the Schatz case. This same woman had commented on other cases which bore eerie similarities. Pretty soon, I found more mention of the plastic tubing and the Pearls, and I was able to track down this confession from Debi Pearl, direct from the website of the “ministry” that brought you Train Up a Child:

The rod we speak of is a plumbing supply line that can be bought at any hardware store or large department store. It is a slim, flexible, plastic tubing that supplies water to sinks, and toilets. Ask for “¼-inch supply line.” They cost less than one dollar. I always give myself one swat before I swat the child to remind myself how much force to exert. It stings the skin without bruising or damaging tissue. It’s a real attention-getter. Michael demonstrates its use in our new Seminar videos.

I’ve seen other blogs mention the welts and bruises this device can leave.

I hope Michael Ramsey finds this.


9 thoughts on “The Devil Who Made Them Do It…

  1. It wouldn't surprise me if they do find a relationship. The part you quoted from the Pearls isn't that disturbing (at least it clearly shows a need for constraint.) What is disturbing are the parts that say to strike the child as many times as necessary until the child submits. That you must control the child at whatever cost. That you can have a perfect child if only you stick to their tactics. To do whatever is necessary to And that this “discipline” is suggested even for infants.

  2. I have read the book, “to train up a child,” by the Pearls. Well actually, I read the first chapter about 5 years ago and was sickened by it, so I put it down. This case is so heart breaking…it tears me apart. When I watch the news and see the parents it is terrifying to me because they just look like the typical, christian homeschool parents that I know. I will continue to pray for God's comfort to be imparted to the children…and for God's grace to be put in my heart towards the parents.
    Like I said…heartbreaking…in every way.

  3. tehBeautifulAngie says:

    The Schatzs did follow the Pearl's teachings. I knew this family personally, though I have not had any contact with them in several years. They also homeschooled through ATI (Advanced Training Institute, i.i. Bill Gothard) which I personally believe to be a cult. This tragedy has struck close to home, as you don't ever imagine people you know, people you went to church with, babysat for, etc, to do something like this. This is a case of religious fanaticism and isolation gone too far.

  4. Michael Ramsey has, in fact, made the Pearl connection, according to this story from the Mercury-Register. The story mentions the website where the plumbing tubes are mentioned, but I'd like to see a police report that mentions whether they had copies of To Train Up a Child in their home.

  5. Hey aaron…Sean is focusing more on school this semester. He is still working, just on the weekends. I know many families in the area who subscribe to the Pearl's teachings…sick…sad…those poor children.

  6. I am heartbroken and angry. If we have seen two children die from the influence of Michael and Debi Pearl, how many more children are being abused behind closed doors in the Church?

  7. That's a very good question, and worthy of consideration, especially by “non-denominational” churches. The Catholic church is the number one source of abuse, or at least it seems like it based on the media coverage they get. But at least they have the infrastucture to enforce change. Many modern evangelical congregations are so isolated from one another that there is no way to enforce a standard nationwide by which all pastors could refute these errors to their congregations.

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