Christians unite against child abuse

This is what Scripture says:

Truly I say to you, unless you are converted and become like children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven. Whoever then humbles himself as this child, he is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. And whoever receives one such child in My name receives Me; but whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to stumble, it would be better for him to have a heavy millstone hung around his neck, and to be drowned in the depth of the sea. (Matthew 18:3-6, NASB)

Our Lord says child abuse and filicide are not merely life-or-death issues; they are much more, for they may affect the eternal state of one’s soul.

For this reason, as Salon reports, Christians are finally starting to speak out against so-called “biblical” child abuse.

Paul speaks out:

If you call yourself a Christian and you don’t immediately think it’s a foul, unthinkable, disgusting suggestion to whip your child at least 10 times per offense (more “if needed”), wearing the weapon visibly at all times, having a weapon always at hand with which to whip your child, menacingly hunting down your child when they are fleeing punishment in terror like the villain in the Halloween movies, and even manufacturing occasions to whip in order to “train them”, if you don’t immediately recoil from such things, I would highly recommend you put down the plastic tubing and go pick up your Bible. You may have reason to be concerned about the state of your soul.

Laurie speaks out:

And, PLEASE, won’t the men in the church stand up and speak?! This is NOT just a mommy problem. The fathers are at the head of these Pearl households. The wives are taught to submit to them. Nothing will change unless we reach the men, and these are NOT men who will learn from women.

Paul, via Salon:

Not to be crass, but you slap the title ‘Christian’ on something, and all of a sudden it’s the ‘Christian’ thing. Sometimes, in my experience, that’s all it takes for Christians to start following something. There’s not a whole lot of discernment.

We must make a stand against child abuse, child murder, and Pelagianism, and leave no room for doubt. The gospel is not about behavior modification, but regeneration. Our righteousness is not our own, but the righteousness of Christ, which is reckoned unto us by faith alone (Philippians 3:9). Scripture admonishes us over and over again to stand up for the fatherless, the widows, foreigners, and those who are too weak to defend themselves. Please join me in standing up for Lydia and Zariah. Their parents were not salt and light, but were the very wolves in sheep’s clothing against whom we must guard the flock.


12 thoughts on “Christians unite against child abuse

  1. Pieter says:

    In our neighbourhood, at all schools I attended, wherever I went, there were child abusers around. My wife and I have been ministering to such victims, until our churches persecuted us and we ended up in a stalemate. Ousted by a church (not a specific one but a general statement as many individual churches and Christian radio stations were involved.) we found ourselves with no friends, no support base and branded by society. We still care for people recovering from hurt and we do minister to them, but it is being done discreetly.

    Here is my problem with an apostate Christianity. Please read and comment.

    My experience of the church is that pedophiles (various in Protestant churches) were being protected in churches, with the affected children having no recourse. One such child was a blind 13-year old girl who was repeatedly used for sex over a long weekend at a church campground. Another’s court sentence instructed him never to have contact with children and also not to be involved with youth camps again. The church leaders and Christian radio station are all aware of this, yet this guy is STILL involved with youth camps. At the same time, these same protectors of the evil within shout at Muslims, who we have no right to judge, although we obviously do not agree with their beliefs.

    Where I am, the church protects the sinner within and persecute the true disciples and prophets. I have serious problems with the lack of integrity seen in church. All I want to see, is that Scripture gets followed. yet the attitude is “judge me not” which is a blanket protection for the evil within. There is no hint of repentance, nor do the leaders apply a single standard. There are different rules for different people or even communities.



    My response to [an overly-merciful friend]:

    Must we become bovine and merely look on while the predator catches our young buffalo? What protectors of the innocent are we, what treasurers are we of His gold, if we decide to look the other way when we have a rather clear duty to foster and protect?

    Jesus would not sent a bolt of lightning, but He has equipped you and I to be sober in all, to be protectors of His flock. Read Ezekiel 33 and 34 as that is where the Lord had ministered to me from that angle.

    It is because of the church’s failure that society is in the mess it is today. Jesus, Ezrah, Nehemiah and others even became physical when defending the temple, a temple which was a type of the true church we are now part of. My zeal, my passion for His human house is a raging fire in me and no, I will not do this from my own ego, but I will not remain silent when I see this wrong being done. Paul warned an entire city’s believers to come give them a hiding, remember?

    Pacifism, apathy, complacency from the side of Christians is what had brought society to the mess we are in today. It is our own spineless acceptance, also that of protecting the offender, that had allowed for the rot to set in. We are bankers and our system had failed long ago, we are bankrupt treasurers of His assets, who allow the robber and the thief because we pity him and not the innocent victim.

    Now please read 1 Cor 5:9-13 again, with an open mind.

    and my indignation let me write another letter…

    You took what I have said out of contecxt. I never even hinted at punishing the pregnant schoolgirl, or the abortionist that cape from rape or child abuse. Just bear in mind that, if you allow pregant girls to attend school, you create an environment conducive towards teen girls wanting to fall pregnant.

    In South Africa, as in most other African countries, this is a major issue. We already have pregnant girls in our schools and enormous problems arise asa result. In most cases, we deal with people who have little to offer in the area of being sensible and logical. Hedonism feeds the uterus and then innocent lives are added to a society that already lives at around US$2-30 per day, on average. Drugs, crime, gansgerism, these things are part also of church communities here. There is no general developed culture of accepting responsibility for our actions.

    That, however, is not the point.

    The point is that we become accessories to the crimes of others if we turn a blind eye. We are guilty before God and also before human law. God had provided in generous measuremenst for the rights of victims and their protection is our very first priority.

    It sounds all too humanist to pamper the criminal and let him feed on little lambs. Please do not tell me this is what God wants from us. We do not act out of superiority, we do not act in vengeance, even, but out of Biblical duty. And, if a court of law decrees that an offender stays away from children, it is our civil duty to ensure that he stays away.

    [(To friend)] Your responses gave me both a old fright and an insight into why your nation is where she is today. I am shocked to the core!

    Now, I do invite your views on this, as I need to see where you see our social responsibility, our civil duty lies. Should we just forgive sexual transgressors and let them get away with it or should we protect the innocent?

    Non-Christians may see this differently but, if Christians have integrity, they should follow their own house keeping rules and eject the evil man, whilst refraining from judging people from other cultures or walks of faith.

    • Pieter: I commend your hatred of hypocrisy, especially from those who are supposed to shepherd the flock. Key here are Paul’s words, “For it is no business of mine to be judging those who are outside; but it is yours to be judging those who are among you;
      As for those who are outside, God is their judge. So put away the evil man from among you.” Paul presumes that Christians ought to have higher morals than the Greeks (though Socrates might beg to differ). Yet, his attitude toward those outside the church is proper, and ought to inform Western attitudes towards issues like gay marriage: those who do not have the law are not obligated to live by the law.

      As for pedophiles and abusers, Jesus said it would be better for them to be tied to a millstone and thrown into the sea. This is hyperbole, of course (though the Catholic Church actually employed this method of execution in medieval times). Nevertheless, it does illustrate that Christ considered them much differently than the adulterers for whom he said, “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” If your friend can’t reconcile these two sayings of Christ properly, then he is apparently not able to “rightly divide the word of truth”, and you might consider just writing them off instead of arguing.

      As to your comments about pregnancy in school, I think your attitude is quite bigoted, and leans toward the Taliban prohibition of educating women. Would you ban Mary from school?

      • Pieter says:

        No, Aaron, I am not bigoted. Where I am, in my country, it gives license to freely administered teen sex, because there is the reward of a social grant that comes with every baby, if you are poor enough. As 40% or twenty million people in my country are just that, desperately poor, we don’t need to further encourage sex outside of wedlock. Cultures differ and that is why guys like Paul didn’t blog but rather email certain things to certain domains. See it in this context.

        Don’t ask me about Mary; ask her own community as they understand their own culture better.



      • Pieter says:

        *Aaron, I also should add that yet another factor here is the extreme HIV infection rate. My country is argued to be global champion in contracting AIDS, percentage-wise.

        Right now, where some pregnant girls are allowed to attend school, it causes secondary problems. And because children are brought into the world for secondary concerns, such as enhancing status amongst teenage girls, or as an added stream of revenue to the young mother and her parents, this “industry” is trading in human lives as those were livestock. It is as cruel as farming with canned lions; imagine what a terribly dysfunctional world the babies are being born into.

        Or are deliberate teen pregnancies with ulterior motives something we should condone, despite the ruined lives awaiting the unborn? These unborn babies and their well-being should be our first priority, not that of a mother in love with free, uncontrolled sex**, mostly with multiple partners. **Should twelve- or fifteen year-old girls be encouraged to become mothers*?*And sleep around as if there is no tomorrow?** * *Aaron, you cannot even begin to understand the mindset we are dealing with – don’t try fix it from your perspective. Come live here for at least two decades, so that you can grasp this better, then decide whether I am bigoted. *

        *The pregnant teens girls at school, by no means there by an “accident” but **because of a willful act**, also offend fellow students with other values, for instance some Christian and Muslim pupils do object.*



      • Just because I’m American doesn’t mean you’re not a terrible racist. There are some universal human rights, and you wish to violate these rights, and you believe you have an obligation to do so because you are Afrikaner. Can you not see that you are the abuser?

      • Pieter says:

        *Hi Aaron, thanks for the interesting comments. I am not sure where the racist idea comes from, as I never even once hinted at anyone’s race. Poverty affects all and I see nor reason why one should be having a racial bias here. I laughed heartily at this “racist” Pieter who was in the company of his friends when your email showed on my screen. **_I do not even have a single white male friend here._**Local blacks count among my friends, also expats from elsewhere in Africa. I greet in many ways, in ten African languages. My own personal friends are from Gambia, Liberia, Ghana, Nigeria, Congolese Republic, DRC, Uganda, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Mocambique, Sudan, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Libya – and not a single one of them is white. I really don’t think that it is right to judge people without at least knowing who they are.** ** ** **Humanism teaches our rights. Our Bible teaches us to be responsible and accountable first. We cannot demand our rights while forsaking our responsibilities in society. Maybe this is not something you have really given good thought?** ** ** **Abuser? I cannot see the connection here? My intent is to protect young children who somehow do get taught religion but not that they have a purpose and a calling, something that will get derailed by untimely pregnancy. Somehow, amidst a plethora of churches, few ever hear that they are here to build His temple, by taking His Love to others. Instead, they get religion forced down their throats and regiment replaces relationship.** ** ** **My wife and I are “parents” to a number of young adults, who really call us Mom and Dad, none of whom are white. And we love them as we love our own. ** ** ** **Afrikaner? Yes and proudly so. Already, it says that I am African, also my language is an indigenous one. My generation were young adults when we had our first opportunity to vote against the British apartheid laws and the subsequent Nazi-ish onesthat followed later. We voted against apartheid and for black liberation, with an overwhelming victory in the 1983 referendum. This was the white vote, majority are Afrikaners, that paved the way for a new democracy. We had our second referendum in either 1988 or 1989 and we once again voted with a vast majority for blacks to be liberated. Two landslide victories proved that the whites – and the Afrikaner is the majority – voted FOR black South Africans to be treated equal. This is a historical fact. We have radicals, just like USA has its KKK. Our contingent radicals are a small minority, perhaps not even a full five per cent of the Afrikaner population. ** ** ** **Something that does concern me – and this was accurately predicted by a true prophet a century ago – is the black racism that gets coined as “xenophobia.” This kind of racism has been evident well before colonialism started. It just shows that our job as Christians is still not finished. We need to bring the love of Jesus Christ to our people. If you ever wish to come do your bit, pray about it and the Lord will open doors for you. I am confident that He will not be sending you with a message to fall pregnant at age 14, but to grow in Him so that they can soar like eagles on the wind of His Spirit.** ** ** **My family and I share a home with six black couples, some with small children. We have been here for well over four years now, in this communal home. Never once did we have any disagreement with a neighbour. They are from all over, some Christian, some Muslim. There is peace because we care for another. ** ** ** **Perhaps the idea of being racist is not unique to South Africa. When I traveled abroad**, I was shocked to experience such racism elsewhere. And not only from whites. Society elsewhere is sick. Over here, it will cause offense and it is socially unacceptable. Things have changed and are changing fast, as we have made a cognitive decision in 1983. I just started working back then and we all wanted a different system in place.**

        If you ever come to Cape Town, drop by and I will introduce you to my friends. You will see that we all are just regular folks and we care for another. It will take you five minutes to see that none are faking it.

        After all, what is the message in Colossians 3? * **



      • Pieter says:

        It is not pregnant women living on the dole. I was talking about teenage girls, aged 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 maybe, sometimes a bit older, getting pregnant while at school with the EXPRESS PURPOSE of getting a child allowance, which then usually is spent on drugs & drinking.

        If you think that young lives getting messed up like that is OK, are you a Christian? The young mother is not going to become who God had intended her to be and her baby is born into poverty. That is not fair to either the teenage mother or her child.

        As Christians, it is our responsibility to lead others, show them the way in Love. I am sure that many of these teens only need some Love and their world may change for the better.

        Once we have acted responsibility and have given proper guidance, so that a young one can grow into being the person who she was called to be, we can start talking about human rights.

        I think that your bias is rather obvious and your comments in bad taste. The way that you have wrongly judged me surely smells stale. Visit my blog, see how I got saved. Please refrain from posting offense and abusive comments.

        I have suffered enough under you loveless, arrogant bias. You were so terribly wrong and it showed clearly that you are most guilty of the very same thing that you have accused me of.

        As a child of God who had suffered much persecution, who had endured extreme hardship and yet never left my post, I do not think that your heartless comments were fair. Once you repent and let go of your haughty, arrogant and misguided bias, you may find that there is work to be done out there.

        Get and education as you are a most ignorant and uniformed individual.

        As the direct result of your attitude, I will refrain from further making use of this facility in my own effort to improve lives.

        Get out of the way of others.
        Get out of your own way.
        Get out of God’s way.

        As your sick mind is destructive.

    • wzrd1 says:

      This most certainly is an interesting conversation thread!
      We have someone who objects to convicted pedophiles being around children, directly against the orders of the court at that, but somehow the judge never learns or acts upon the violation of the orders of the court.
      That is in and of itself worrisome, as that indicates a non-functional judicial system.

      Then, we learn that “perhaps not even a full five per cent of the Afrikaner population” are radicals, something again quite worrisome, as that percentage can trivially disrupt an entire nation.

      What is even more fascinating is that I have friends in Capetown, they’ve never related anything like what has been described in this thread, perhaps it’s a local community problem.
      Yes, teen pregnancy is rampant, that is so in many poor areas of the world, dole or no dole. Effective programs have been implemented, those did not deny the minor child her education due to pregnancy, they educated, taught about birth control methods and provided birth control in the form of condoms.
      But, certain fundamentalist religious types of various faiths object to such effective programs and punish the pregnant minor child by denial of education, even at times, depriving the pregnant minor child of her life! Why use what is effective when you can force your faith upon those who do not share that faith with seems to be their desire.
      It seems that our faithful speaker here wishes to do away with the dole for the infant, for starvation is a really cool way to patrol societal issues and further, deny the mother her education under the guise of upholding the morality within a secular school.
      Not *quite* Taliban like, but in the general neighborhood.

      When I was in school, a couple of girls became pregnant. They still attended school, strangely enough, nobody envied them their morning sickness, frequent bathroom visits, bloating and discomfort walking the hallways between classes later in their pregnancies.
      But then, we had and still have effective sex education classes and we had and still have easy access to birth control, especially condoms.
      Well, we as in students who didn’t have religious fundamentalists who prevented their child from attending sex education class, which had the predictable result in a relatively high teen pregnancy rate within that group of students alone. A problem that continues today, as my sister in law can attest to with her own daughter and her granddaughter, born out of wedlock to a 16 year old mother.

      Still, if I ever head down toward Capetown, I may well visit. I always did enjoy meeting the locals when I travel.

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