Case Updates

Note: these are updates from news outlets only, no inside information here.

First, Paradise Post reports some new facts which were not previously published: 1) District Attorney Mike Ramsey says Kevin and Elizabeth “took turns” (previously we were told she held the children down). 2) Ramsey does not think a case against the Pearls “would fly.” This is disappointing because the Pearls should definitely be held accountable. It’s not just a matter of free speech, because of the authority they hold as ministers: ignorant people obey them. I guess the responsibility is left to us to educate ourselves and all our friends until there are no Pearl supporters left.
Second, there is late news from the Oroville Mercury-Register about today’s court appearance. The Schatzes were expected to enter a plea today (the topic of many of our prayers), but they did not. This part of the arraignment is delayed once more because Elizabeth has retained new counsel. The Register also reports that Kevin’s lawyer, Michael Harvey, may seek a change of venue.

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