Reformed Theology

Links for Church Reform

I am presenting a couple links here that may be useful for those who are seeking to bring the Reformation into an existing church. As I dig further into the historic Reformed confessions, I find myself agreeing with them more and more. But I am still convinced of two positions that seem to differ with the Reformed church, namely their position on a capella psalter-only singing, and their position on infant baptism. So my first link is to bring to attention the fact that the Trinity Hymnal—Baptist Edition is now being sold online at This is great news for those who only need them in small quantities as the snail mail order form previously required didn’t state the shipping cost. Second, there’s a great article on radon.thoughts that brings up a great point that I’ve also been thinking about regarding infant baptism: why do you baptize infants but you won’t let them participate in the Lord’s Supper? Last but not least, here is an excellent article recommending the practice of preaching through the catechisms at a “second service” each Lord’s day evening.


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