Reformed Theology

It is true that Paul also was speedily baptized: for Simon, his host, speedily knew that he had been appointed a vessel of election. God’s good pleasure sends as herald its own privileges : any request can both disappoint and be disappointed: It follows that deferment of baptism is more profitable, in accordance with each person’s character and attitude, and even age: and especially so as regards children. For what need is there, if there really is no need, for even their sponsors to be brought into peril, seeing they may possibly themselves fail of their promises by death, or be deceived by the subsequent development of an evil disposition? It is true our Lord says, Forbid them not to come to me. So let them come, when they are growing up, when they are learning, when they are being taught what they are coming to : let them be made Christians when they have become competent to know Christ. Why should innocent infancy come with haste to the remission of sins? Shall we take less cautious action in this than we take in worldly matters? Shall one who is not trusted with earthly property be entrusted with heavenly? Let them first learn how to ask for salvation, so that you may be seen to have given to one that asketh. —Tertullian, De Baptismo


Was Tertullian a Reformed Baptist?


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