Butte county parents plead guilty

I have blogged about the case before, so I wanted to provide a follow-up post since the judicial proceedings are now over. The defendants agreed to a plea deal, in which the father pled guilty to murder and torture in exchange for allowing the mother to plead to a lesser charge of manslaughter. Way to man up, Kevin.

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One thought on “Butte county parents plead guilty

  1. It is being reported that this is also to protect his kids from testifying. . . they were already on the list of possible witnesses, so I hope and pray that what they have talked about with the lawyers was good for them, and that not testifying will be good also.

    But I know many victims of abuse find that testifying is part of the healing process.

    I'm heartbroken about the surviving children… losing their sister, losing their parents… and I believe (not sure) that they are not together in foster care, so losing one another.

    It is just so heartbreaking.

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