I’m blogging.

Tomorrow’s a big day. This week’s a big week. My replacement iPad is due to be delivered tomorrow, so I’ll be an iPad owner once again, after having owned an iPad for two days and then been without one for a week. I’m also expecting to hear some news regarding a house I made an offer on (no more detail than that since we’re seriously tired of the anticipation and letdowns). It’s a big week at work, with several projects I’m in the middle of. My break from training will also be over. (I seem to have developed tendinitis in my right heel due to overtraining for a 10-mile race I wanted to run in September. Instead, I’ll be training light, and in a few weeks I’ll start a very gradual build-up over 6 months to prepare for the Bidwell Classic half marathon in March.) This week we’ll also be paying off some debt and hopefully buying a family-friendly couch! Good times…

Update: [Monday, 11:55 AM] So far, not so good. The replacement iPad also has display issues, with a dotted-line streak running down the middle of the screen, beneath the glass.

Update 2: Apple decided to replace it again, and this time give me a free upgrade to 32 GB for my troubles…

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