Reformed Theology

The first barrier that obstructs the way to the Bible is superstition. We are accustomed to attach superstition to the Roman Catholic Mariolatry, Hagiolatry, and the use of images and pictures and other external things in worship. But superstition is no less superstition if it take the form of Bibliolatry… [T]he Bible has no magical virtue in it, and there is no halo enclosing it. It will not stop a bullet any better than a mass-book. It will not keep off evil spirits any better than a cross. It will not guard a home from fire half so well as holy water. If you desire to know when and how you should take a journey, you will find a safer guide in an almanac or a daily newspaper. The Bible is no better than hydromancy or witchcraft, if we seek for divine guidance by the chance opening of the Book. (from the address on the occasion of his inauguration to the chair of Biblical Theology at Union Theological Seminary, 1890)

Charles A. Briggs on Bibliolatry


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