Random Rants, Social Justice

Chaos in the public square

We have a Mormon Republic presidential candidate who lies all the time. What do you expect from a religion founded on lies? I don’t mean to sound like a bigot, but they think Native Americans are Jewish. It’s kind of a fact that they aren’t. And how can you argue for the “religion of the founding fathers” when your religion is only half as old as the United States? Religions are kind of supposed to be ancient. That’s the point.

Then we have a Catholic candidate who rebels against all the tenets of his religion. He puts out ads trying to paint Obama as the Antichrist (The article claims no one’s going to buy it, but I know plenty of Luddites on Facebook who will watch that and be all “OMG I called it!”) Another Republican Catholic in congress has had his policies condemned as antichrist by real-life Catholic Theologians.

Now we have people attacking our Protestant president’s health care policies in the Supreme Court, despite the fact that the government requires everyone to have car insurance. And talibangelical fascists are standing outside with picket signs that say “Spay and neuter all liberals!”

Lord help us.


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