Greengrass, Vol. 7


Here’s the seventh installment of my bluegrass/celtic Spotify playlist series. Sorry I don’t have time for track-by-track commentary this week! I’ve been busy researching other subjects. Hopefully the tunes will speak for themselves.

Hamish Moore – "MacGregor’s Search"
Olivia Korkola – "Morning Dew/Tom Ward’s Downfall/Star of Munster"
Sara Watkins – "Jefferson"
Natalie MacMaster – "Butcher’s Jig Set"
Barra MacNeils & The Chieftains – "Rattlin’ Roarin’ Willie"
Hamish Moore – "Father John Macmillan Of Barra/The Sprig Of Ivy"
Jerry Holland – "Dave ‘Normaway’ MacDonald’s Wedding"
Aubrey Haynie – "Ducks on the Millpond"
Michael Doucet – "Reels de Mamou"
Alison Krauss & Union Station – "On The Outside Looking In"
The Pogues – "South Australia"
Nickel Creek – "In the House of Tom Bombadil"
Celtic Fiddle Festival – "Jig De Valcartier/An Italian Tune/Reel De Maisonneuve"

You may notice there is a significant Cape Breton theme to this week’s list. This is in part an effort to remedy the fact that the capers missed out on last week’s broader international sampling.

I’d like to hear from you. If you have some favorite tunes you’d like to see featured, drop them in my Spotify inbox and I’ll give them a listen.


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