Micah “Caballo Blanco” True’s Untimely Death; Evolution of Runner’s High


Caballo Blanco

I just have a couple links from recent running-related news.

The first and graver news item is that Micah True a.k.a Caballo Blanco, the ultrarunner featured in Chris MacDougall’s epic book Born to Run, passed away over the weekend, while out for a long run (though by his standards it would have been considered a short one). He was too young.

One source took this twist on the eulogy: “He lived doing what he loved.” Running Times editor Brian Metzler paid him a tribute yesterday.

In other news, the Journal of Experimental Biology published a study on runner’s high that measured endocannabinoid levels in humans, canines, and ferrets. Unlike the other species in the study, ferrets typically sleep the day away, and the study showed that they because of this, they have not evolved the boost that dogs and people get to help them run long distances and enjoy it.


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