How our summer stay-cation is going so far…

How Vast is the Daffodil?

We spent way too much time digging out all the rocks that had lived in this little section of garden. Why would anyone willingly dump acres and acres of rocks in their yard instead of grass?! But, the thing is I LOVE rocks and so do my babies. However, this is really testing my devotion. It might take several years but I will eventually have replaced 99% of these pebbles with grass, flowers and more garden.

As a family we carried out the rocks, shaped and tilled the earth and as carefully as toddlers can, planted the seeds. Every day the babies helped me water “my” garden. Even though I tell ‘um to stay inside and let me have my quiet mommy time. We watched the soil several times a day, looking for any sprouts. Then it happened.

We continue to watch the earth and wonder how our plants are…

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