Depression, Programming

The Dabbling Imagination

I seem to have a better outlook on life when I am allowed to apply for other jobs. Whether those jobs pan out doesn’t seem to matter as much as you’d think; somehow the benefits that the realm of possibilities brings to my imagination seem to outweigh the pain of any rejections that might occur in the process.

So, if you find yourself as my employer and find me seemingly looking for work elsewhere, fret not. Yes, there is a chance I’m dissatisfied and looking to better my situation, or there’s a chance I’m trying to build up a network for freelance jobs. But there’s also a chance I’m just participating in a mental health exercise, trying to boost my own confidence by dabbling in the job market so I can restore some sanity and come back to work the next day with a brighter smile, and a glimmer of hope that maybe life isn’t a dead end after all.


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