Depression, Programming

Go, live your dream/Your dream stinks

I spent the last month and a half working at the least fun job I’ve ever worked at—and I’ve had some doozies. I swear my head suffered more graying and balding in the last 6 weeks than all the years previous, and I was breaking out all over from the stress. I’ve also had some really bad depressive episodes, the worst in my life, I think. My therapist thinks my mood has been understandable considering everything that has happened to me in recent years. But I think it became increasingly clear that my bad situation was having a bad effect on my heart, and on my psyche, and it was hurting my family. The job was literally killing me.

One of the biggest hardships about it was that I was prohibited from exhibiting my passion for quality code and creative and elegant solutions. I applied to be a senior dev and what they really wanted was a mind-numb intern.

So, that didn’t work out…

Fortunately, a friend/colleague I worked with for years at a previous company told me about a great website for freelancing, oDesk. Suddenly I have more clients than I can handle! (Don’t take that too literally if you’re one of them; it’s an expression.) In the space of a couple days I’ve gone from a “Mr. Anderson” dead-end living hell to literally living my dream.


Ask anyone who lives here, and they’ll tell you it’s much better this way.

(And if there’s anyone who’s not a parent who’s wonder what my title means, it’s a reference to Tangled.)


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