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Love what you do and make the world go ’round

I have so much appreciation for stakeholders who appreciate what I give to them. You’d think this would be a more common occurrence: people who pay others for awesome things they want, people who make awesome things that their clients want them to make, and people who like the awesome things their consultants make for them. Seems kind of obvious that this would be like the foundation for the global economy or something. But instead it seems like there are a lot of people out there who are settled on mediocrity. So when I find a client who’s enthusiastic about quality, I’m going to bend over backwards for that client. That kind of positive feedback is super valuable to me. In terms of its impact on my mood it’s probably more important a factor in choosing projects than how much they pay. I recently told a certain client they were my favorite. They’re actually the lowest paying on my current roster.


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