Random Rants, Social Justice

Romney’s Weekly Blunder

The downward spiral is just accelerating for this guy.

A month ago he sided with the birthers with his racist “no one’s asking for my birth certificate” remark. Before that were all the issues with Paul Ryan’s War on Women. Then he just sucked at the RNC. And I think Clinton’s “It’s the Arithmetic, Stupid!” speech just kicked his ass.

Last week Romney attacked our foreign service agents accusing them of “apologizing for America”, siding with bigoted hatemongers instead of keeping his politics onshore like he should have.

But this video basically makes the guy unelectable. He’s accusing the middle class, the infirm, etc. of being lazy. And lots of so-called “Christians” will vote for him regardless. Even though the Bible says all over the place that we should pay our workers a fair wage and take care of our widows and orphans.

It boggles the mind.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention the “We don’t listen to fact checkers” comment. Oh yeah, and those pesky tax returns that prove he pays less than most Americans and therefore is a total hypocrite when it comes to all this divisive talk about freeloaders…


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