Best Practices

I’m kind of a best-practices geek. I use iPhone apps for monitoring my hydration, and my running routine. I wear minimalist shoes that have a low profile so as to mimic the natural gait developed by our ancestors. I try to improve my productivity using GTD techniques. But this page is about best practices as related to software engineering.

I’ve started an open-source wiki project on GitHub for standards and practices for software developers, with special consideration given to the issues faced by freelancers who have a lot of projects going on. What are those things almost all of these projects have in common? What principle of this OOP language can we apply in our client-side coding? etc.

Basically, it is a place other than a multi-topic blog where we can catalog all the things we learn from people like Robert C. Martin or Jeff Atwood in one place, debates the merits of each, and promote a level of quality they simply don’t teach you in school or in private company standards docs.

If you have some ideas, please ping me, or create some new issues in the project, or you can even clone the repo in Git and edit it yourself!


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