I am a senior software developer with 18 years experience with graphic design and page layout and 14 years practical experience in web development, half self-employed, and half in the corporate world, seeking a long-term career with room for growth in applications development utilizing cutting-edge technologies and practices. I am a proponent of S & P and design patterns and have a gift for refactoring and optimization. I strongly believe in “maintaining the upgrade chain” and innovating rather than letting a product stagnate in maintenance mode. As a “Boy Scout Coder”, I try to check in my code cleaner than it was when I checked it out.


Web Developer, Self-Employed; Oregon, California, and Nevada — 1999–2007, 2012–current
I have provided dynamic programming services for various clients. Developed reusable SQL Server database-driven SaaS/web applications in ASP and ASP.NET for clients which could be tailored to their customers’ needs through CMS, which I also developed, and including such features as private client-only sections for collaboration, file uploads, and server-side image resizing. I have also specialized in digitization of online audio and video archives and live streaming. I have experience in every step of the software development life cycle, as I worked directly with clients to define and fulfill project requirements, often collaborating with third party designers, and worked to bring the product to fulfillment and provide maintenance afterwards.

Sr. Software Developer, Auctiva Corporation; Chico, CA — 2006–2012
Developed and maintained websites with ASP.NET, JavaScript, JSON, and web services; multi-threaded Windows services with large workloads for reconciling data with eBay API; and WCF services for inter-app communication. Refactored MessageQueueing service architecture for better performance, resulting in significant hardware savings. Developed reusable Timer-based extension methods to eliminate code repetition in the plumbing of services, greatly reducing development time for new services. Designed and created mobile AuctionSniper site for iPhone and Android with jQuery at its core, and converted to iOS app for release to App Store. Developed systems for resale of discount shipping insurance, a significant revenue source. Helped company transition from free model to paid subscriptions. Developed—from scratch—complete, automated Billing Services to quickly compile invoices and perform monthly charging, storing encrypted credit card information in a secure database, and pulling in $10 million in annual revenue through Authorize.net and the PayPal SDK.

ASP.NET Programmer, EveryContractor.com; Las Vegas, NV — 2005–2006
Developed, debugged, and maintained critical systems in ASP and ASP.NET. Developed integrated Ajax application for the company’s internal CRM, to enable employees to manage sales leads, track products and delivery progress, and provide customer service. Programmed scheduled jobs to automate critical data tasks and client emails and faxes. Converted ASP Classic codebase to ASP.NET, refactoring code and optimizing database structure and queries. Developed web-based mailing list management applications to facilitate newsletter marketing.

Content Development Executive, ATOM-BOMB.COM; Venice, California — 1999–2001
Assisted in initial development and handled all post-launch development of ASP database-driven website, for a Dot-Com startup, an online venue for independent film and music with mp3s and streaming video in QuickTime, Windows Media, and Real Networks formats. Converted database from Access to SQL Server, developed dynamic web-based embedded media player content window. Maintained index of online radio stations. As one of three executives, was involved in writing the business plan. Also responsible for preparing usage reports, development proposals, and training manuals for new employees.


Pepperdine University, Malibu, California — B.A., Applied Music, 1998
Community symphony, concert choir, music scholarship


14 years experience with Active Server Pages, relational database design and integration, CMS/admin pages development, and web graphics production. 9 years experience with the .NET Framework. Wide knowledge of enterprise applications architecture and distributed systems. Expert knowledge of graphic design, web design and layout. Strong eye for detail, enthusiasm for clean code, design patterns, coding standards and best practices, refactoring, database optimization; strong testing, debugging and troubleshooting skills.

Technical Summary

Software Toolkit
Visual Studio, Visual Web Developer, Visual SourceSafe, SVN, OnTime, Bugzilla, Resharper, Stylecop, Adobe Audition, Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat, Dreamweaver.

Programming Languages and Technologies
HTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript, UML, ASP, ASP.NET, WCF, MessageQueue, Windows Services, VBScript, VisualBasic.NET, C#, T-SQL, stored procedures, LINQ, Ajax, jQuery, JSON, Regular expressions, screen scraping, iOS/Phonegap.

Windows Server/IIS, SQL Server, Access, ADO, ADO.NET, eBay API/SDK, PayPal API/SDK, Authorize.net, Facebook API.



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