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“It will stop on Election Day,” they say. Well, maybe. Remember what Newt did when Clinton won a second term? (He pushed for impeachment.)


When the solar manufacturing company Solyndra went bankrupt last September after receiving a $527 million loan guarantee, it sparked a politically motivated congressional investigation into the White House’s handling of the program — an “investigation” that critics admitted would “stop on election day.”

After acquiring 300,000 documents, holding a dozen hearings and official meetings, issuing two subpoenas, and spending more than a million dollars on the investigation, members of Congress failed to present any evidence of political wrongdoing.

Congressional critics have “not shown the loan was granted as a result of political favoritism, despite repeated campaign-trail claims,” reported The Hill.

That didn’t stop special interest groups from spending millions of dollars on television ads this campaign season to trump up the Solyndra bankruptcy and spread “over-the-top, ultimately ridiculous” claims about clean energy programs.

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The half-marathon for which I’ve been training for the last 6 months is tomorrow. I’ve decided to go ahead and run in my old Saucony Kinvara 2’s. They are well worn-in, and I don’t remember ever cursing their very existence after a long run the way I did the MR10’s after a 12.6-er a couple weeks ago. I still feel the MO10s are the world’s best shoe, honestly. But it’s been a couple months since I’ve done a long run in them, and I don’t remember how I felt about them for long distances. Besides, they’re the winterized model, and it’s going to be much to warm for them at start time (50° F and sunny).

Gearing up for Half Marathon


I have a considerable collection of celtic music, as I’ve been a fiddler for like a generation or something. But thanks to Spotify, I’m a few weeks into a new wave of music discovery. Generally any time you see an album with “celtic fiddle” in the title, it’s pretentious. One notable exception is Alasdair Fraser’s Portrait of a Scottish Fiddler. And now there’s another notable exception: Celtic Fiddle Festival. It’s not a fiddle camp; it’s not even a compilation: It’s a band. I’ve long been a fan of Kevin Burke.

Celtic Fiddle Festival

Reformed Theology

I became a fan of Lee Irons because of his work (with the late Meredith Kline) developing the the Framework interpretation of the first three chapters of Genesis. Irons was later censured by the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. He has thorough documented his case online, most recently with a blog about his successful ordination as ruling elder at a PCA church.

This got me wondering whether I should go into greater detail about our own church discipline experience. I admit I don’t have as much documentation as Irons does, at least when it comes to the exoneration part. It was more of a verbal relenting…

Blogging Church Discipline